TV Mirrors

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TV Mirrors BrisbanePerfect for offices, boardrooms, receptions, hotels, bedroom and living rooms

TV mirrors offer an elegant and stylish way to disguise your TV as a mirror when it's not in use. 

TV Mirror is a transparent mineral glass that has been coated on both sides with an optical interference layer that controls the way light flows through the glass and is reflected off it. TV Mirror is engineered to allow most of the light from a TV to pass through unimpeded and just enough is reflected to create a mirror effect when the TV is off.

Normally, a deep sub-frame is placed on the wall around the TV to hide the back of the TV and to support the mirror frame. Almost any style of frame around the mirror can be used, as long as it is strong enough to support the mirror glass. We have an extensive range of frames to choose from to suit all interiors.
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Imagine your bathroom mirror or kitchen splashback with an optional TV. ​With easy to clean mirrors, you have endless possibilities on how else you want to re-invent your home.

Commercial applications

Hotels, spas, restaurants, salons and offices. Advertise your products and services without compromising on your design aesthetic.

With a TV Mirror you can effectively communicate your corporate message without saying a word.

TV Mirrors

Enhance Your Décor with TV Mirrors

You may have your living room, or bedroom styled down to the T, but it lacks the final touch to your décor, TV mirrors. We can construct a TV mirror for you with a frame that will be the perfect finish.

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