Digital Printing

Erase the Ravages of Time with Digital Printing and Photo Restoration

Your family has always preserved memories through photographs, so if you want to be vigilant against losing these memories by losing a single copy, consider how digital printing and photo restoration can save your memories. Jubilee Framers is a full-service operation that can recover the best of your old memories with advanced photo restoration technology and the ability to print new copies of those photos. While we’re at it, we can even place those photos in custom frames designed precisely to complement your images.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Digital Printing

Despite how long the technology has been around, many people still underestimate how useful digital printing is. Consider several ways in which you can use digital photo reproduction:

  • Many people scan old photographs onto their computers for safekeeping but then don’t have much to do with them. As helpful as computers are at storing information, they don’t have the same feeling as leafing through an old photo album. Our digital printing technology can reprint copies of those same images, letting you rebuild the albums from scratch or create new ones without sacrificing the original pictures.
  • Even if you’ve scanned those old images onto your computer, they may lack clarity or have been damaged over time. We can use advanced photo restoration technology to add vibrant colours, restore sun-bleached images, and correct errors from the original take.
  • Modern digital printing produces images that are as high-fidelity as the original photographs. Even without a digital camera, we can take the picture and sharpen or correct it in ways that mirror what you would have seen had you been there when the photographer snapped the image.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the best photo restoration and digital printing technologies. Reconnect with your past using this unique method.

Tips Regarding Digital Restoration

To get the best results from digital restoration for your old photos, please observe the following:

  • Get as much information about what’s in the image as possible. If you have similar photos taken around the same time, we can use an additional perspective to improve the results.
  • Don’t expect to restore blurred images. Even with the best technology, we can take what is already in the photo and enhance it. Unfortunately, unclear photos may be too damaged for restoration without additional perspectives.
  • Submit the original photograph, carefully. Our professional scanner can capture more information from the photo than even the best home scanners, so leave it to us to produce the highest resolution scans from which we’ll work on our reconstruction.

Why Trust Jubilee Framers Regarding Digital Printing and Restoration

We’ve been restoring and protecting memories through digital printing and framing of photographs for nearly 30 years. Our team uses the best technology available to capture your family’s history and display it for future generations. Contact us to discuss your old photo albums.