Sports Memorabilia Framing


You may love your favourite sports team just as much as your family, and that's why we do exclusive sports memorabilia framing so you can protect and display your precious jersey, cards or signed ball in a secure, framed box.

Benefits of Choosing Jubilee Framing

Your favourite team is playing in your hometown, and you catch the ball in the stands as they hit a home run. A moment like this is something you want to capture forever. We can do that by mounting and framing your sports memorabilia, art, or another unique piece you wish to preserve and protect.

  • Variety of frames. We have over a thousand frames to choose from when you bring your jersey and cards to us for framing. Besides the frame variety, we can also mount and arrange your cards creatively to immediately draw the eye when you walk past it. We can also do needlework framing or preserve any item, within reason, for generations to come.
  • Restoration. Trust us to bring old or damaged photographs to life with 20 years' experience in Photoshop, professional scanners and digital skills and software. We can fix any camera fault, digitally clean the image and print it, all in one service.
  • Installation. Spending a fortune on a unique artwork or mirror, just to have it fall and break due to poor installation, can be a very costly mistake. We can do frame restoration and custom art framing and mirror hanging for you, but it would be best to avoid any such accidents by allowing us to install any heavy piece for you with the right equipment and hanging systems.

Due to the weight and size of mirrors, we advise that you give us a call when you need a mirror made and installed as we have the hanging system and tools that will prevent your mirror ending up on the floor in a million pieces.

What You Can Expect from Jubilee Framers Regarding Custom Art Framing

We may be a framing business primarily, but our passion stems from enhancing art, memories and collector's items through the use of frames and digital restoration. Bringing your artwork to us for framing will bring you more than just a selection of frames:

  • Artist discount. Artists bringing their own work in to be framed will get a discount on the cost, and we can provide useful advice on the best framing options and recommend our Econo-range while we work with you to enhance your unique style further with the right frame.
  • Jan Jorgensen. Her prints are selling fast and feature the architectural faces of the inner-city suburbs. She drew inspiration from her hometown, and her prints are available online.
  • Photo prints. We support local artists by displaying a variety of art in our shop for purchase. Walk through our shop or browse them online and consider supporting a local artist printed on photo paper and framed to enhance the art.

Make the most of our comprehensive service in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

About Jubilee Framers

We have perfected the art of enhancing memories and special documents through framing, digital restoration, printing and installation of artwork. Our passion for art, preserving happy memories and collector's items, can be seen anywhere in our comprehensive service when you deal with our team of skilled framers and digital artists. Contact us today to discuss your framing and restoration needs.