Mirror Installation

Trust Us For a Stable, Sturdy Mirror Installation

A mirror can bring elegance and the illusion of space to any room, so it is best to have a professional team do a mirror installation for you. We can also create custom mirrors to be the perfect fit for your business, living room, change room or bathroom.

Get the Most Value From Your Mirror Installations

Before you can have a mirror installed, you first need to have the perfect mirror for your area. We design our custom-made mirrors for functional or decorative purposes:

  • Any bathroom needs a useful mirror. It doesn't mean they have to be dull, boring, full-lengths–we can add elegance and style to complement your interior décor.
  • We work with you to determine the style of your house or bathroom and design a mirror according to your specifications and the available space. Changeroom mirrors are an easy install, and we can produce many of the same, plain mirrors for every room.
  • Mirrors are said to make guests uncomfortable as they have to face their vanity and imperfections. In a different setting, however, such as a restaurant or a dance studio, a full wall of mirrors creates the illusion of a bigger space as well as a functional purpose of viewing your dance moves.

Due to the weight and size of mirrors, we advise that you give us a call when you need a mirror made and installed as we have the hanging system and tools that will prevent your mirror ending up on the floor in a million pieces.

What You Can Expect from Jubilee Framers Regarding Mirror Installations

Whether we are designing a single focal point for you or merely installing multiple mirrors for your business fit-out, you know you have a team that can handle any job.

  • We have created and hanged mirrors of all shapes and sizes for businesses for over 30 years. Our team has the tools and the knowledge gained to design mirrors of any shape and size as well as how to handle and hang them at your premises safely.
  • If something can be framed, we’ve done it. We have a passion for framing photos, mirrors, documents and photographs and offer further services of installing any artwork, mirror or frame – giving you all-in-one service.
  • Our bulk offer is a cost-effective option if you have a business or shop that may need more than one mirror, we work with you around your budget to give you the best products, service and mirror installations.

Make the most of our friendly, professional service to you by preparing any artwork, heavy mural or family memorabilia so we can do a mass installation for you while we’re at it.

About Jubilee Framers

We have a dedicated and experienced team of framers ready to tackle any size job. We have done restoration work on numerous art pieces and photographs destroyed by age, dust and sunlight. It is our passion to restore memories so you can see them as clearly as the day they were made. Contact us today to discuss your framing and mirror needs.