Mirror Hanging

We Can Do Your Mirror Hanging And More

Correctly placing a mirror can create the illusion of space in any room but the wrong placing or equipment could leave you reflecting low light or with a broken mirror due to weak hanging equipment. Mirror hanging is a service we are well versed in, so leave it to us to reflect the best part of your style.

The Importance of Picture Hanging

As a complete service solution, before we get to hang your picture or mirror, we can custom create your layout, mat, frame and size and shape. Hanging the end product is more important than you may think.

  • Hanging system. With heavy mirrors or expensive artwork, picture and mirror hanging is not optional but necessary. Your local hardware store will not know or stock the right equipment you need, nor will they have the knowledge and understanding of different sizes or hanging systems. We have 20 years' experience hanging items and making sure they remain on the wall.
  • The right location. Especially when hanging a mirror, you have to consider the light in the area, what it will reflect, and where you want the focal point to be in your living space. We can advise on all these aspects when we hang your mirror.
  • The available space. Mirrors can create the illusion of space, but you also need to consider the wall space and dimensions and the effect it will have on the room. A misplaced artwork, whether too small or too big for a wall, can create the idea of too much space or engulf all the space or it will disappear on the vast background of the wall.

Even if you think you are the best at DIY, we still advise our clients to leave the hanging of precious goods to the professionals, for your safety and that of the mural.

    Why You Should Trust Jubilee Framing With Mirror Hanging

    One unique mirror or many standard mirrors for a changing room - we are ready with the knowledge and tools to ensure a perfect result.

    • We have created and hanged mirrors of all shapes and sizes for businesses for over 30 years. When you purchase one of our mirrors, we can see it through by delivering and installing it on your premises. 
    • We have a variety of mirrors to choose from if you perhaps don't know where to start. You can shop the floor-standing, round or oval, metallic framed mirrors, metal-framed or wooden framed, traditional or ornate as well as clean edge modern shape mirrors online.
    • Our bulk offer is a cost-effective option, especially if you require delivery and installation as well. Commercial or domestic installation - you will still experience the same service, dedication and quality from our team.

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