Improve Your Images with Our Photo Restoration Service

Reverse environmental damage to your photo with our restoration service.

Photo restoration can improve the look of your image which can deteriorate over the years due to moisture, dust or sun damage. Our team has extensive experience rehabilitating photos, even removing folds or tears to restore your memories to their former glory. We can thoroughly inspect your precious images to assess for damage when it may not be apparent and recommend appropriate materials for displaying your photos to help keep them in the best condition.

Benefits of Photo Restoration in North Brisbane

Consider the advantages of an old photo restoration service.

  • Remove fold marks and fading: It is not until many years later that you may notice old photos have faded and you start to lose the evidence of special moments. Professional fade restoration can improve your photo’s appearance and help prolong the memories. At the same time, you can eliminate scratches, folds and tears that diminish the quality of the picture.
  • Add sepia or colour to black and white photos: You can get a seamless look across all your old photos by adding in a natural sepia tone. Alternatively, you can change your black and white images to full colour. A professional has the experience and tools to add realistic shades to pictures as well as a sharper focus.
  • Digitisation: Preserving your photos by digitisation can remove the worry of losing your only copy. You can easily store these digital photos on CD, memory stick or online and share the images with family and friends via email or printing multiple copies.

What Sets Jubilee Framers Apart Regarding Photograph Restoration

Our family operated business provides a professional, personal and friendly service.

  • Highly experienced: We have more than 20 years of experience working with Photoshop and producing quality photo restorations. Our team will scan your original photo and then skilfully rework the image using the latest techniques. We will colour correct your picture, preserve as much original detail as possible and print your photo on quality paper. 
  • Quality equipment: We use the latest technology and software for our restoration service. Our professional team keep our equipment in premium condition to ensure quality touch-ups and accurate colour reproduction. This maintenance includes regular calibration of our equipment to produce excellent restorations and meet our customers’ requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction: Weather your photos are scratched, folded, torn, faded or have marks, our skilled team of restorers will add colour, remove marks and improve the quality of your image. We can also alter or enhance an image by removing or adding elements such as background items.

About Jubilee Framers

We have delivered a professional and quality service since we established our operations in 1988. Our staff have more than 100 years of collective experience in the industry and commit to excellent customer service. For photo restoration, we use cutting-edge technology to retain most of the original detail and produce multiple quality copies without causing further damage to the original image. Our team of skilled and experienced photo restorers can enhance your precious photos and memories. Contact us today and reap the benefits of our photo restoration service.