Picture and Mirror Installation BrisbanePicture and Mirror Hanging

Take the worry out of hanging art and mirrors. The last thing anyone wants is for an artwork or mirror to fall off the wall and be damaged. Apart from the piece itself, there is also the possibility of damage to expensive and cherished furnishings and decorating items or even people.

Whether you need some new artwork hung, are moving an older piece or need a mirror installed we are well equipped to get the job done. No matter what size or shape your piece, no matter what wall surface, we can safely hang it at the right height to ensure it can be viewed to its best advantage.

Mirrors in particular can present a challenge, often being quite large and heavy and of course requiring care when handling. Our professional staff know how best to fix them to the wall whether it’s a tiled surface or a plaster wall using the best hanging equipment for the job.

We’ve installed hundreds of pictures and mirrors of all shapes and sizes in homes, offices and hotels across Brisbane and South East Queensland and know the right tools and systems to ensure your artwork is hung safely and securely.

Advice on placement and installation

Need some help working out where to hang your favourite piece or need some advice to hanging a cluster of images? We can help with design advice and even prepare a mockup for you so you can see what it will look like before any holes are drilled!

Gallery Systems

Hanging systems Brisbane

Want a flexible option? We can install gallery quality hanging systems to suit your needs and give you the freedom to change your picture arrangements as often as you like. These systems are modern and streamlined and very similar to those used in commercial galleries. Based on an unobtrusive top rail which is usually installed just under the cornice or ceiling line, wire or clear nylon cords are then suspended from the rail from which artwork is hung. 

Another key benefit of this system is that it allows flexibility to hang and move different artworks around without leaving unsightly holes in walls.