Style Your Home With Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are a decorative and practical accessory for any home.

The reflective nature and stylish design of a framed mirror can instantly brighten up a dark room or make an area appear larger. With a wide selection of sizes, shapes and designs in our collection, you are sure to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom, bedroom or living area. Alternatively, our staff have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the framing industry.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Consider these tips for hanging the perfect mirror in your bathroom.

  • Hang a mirror that suits your room’s style: Not every mirror you love is going to suit your bathroom’s style; therefore, be sure to keep the overall aesthetics in mind. If your room has a traditional feel, a large framed mirror or one with classic detailing can deliver a timeless look. For a modern bathroom, an unusually shaped mirror or one with a simple frame can be ideal.
  • Select the right size for your space: Ensure that you measure your wall space accurately to get the right size mirror for your bathroom. Make sure that you leave enough free wall space for an art feature and in a smaller bathroom, be sure to hang a mirror that doesn’t dominate the area.
  • Pair with a lighting fixture: Complementing lights can enhance the look of your mirror with sconces can add a timeless touch to your bathroom. We recommend that your mirror measures no more than 70 percent of your vanity width to give enough room to place your sconces.

What You Can Expect from Jubilee Framers Regarding Large Framed Mirrors

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff provide a complete service to ensure that you are delighted with your framed mirror.

  • Large selection of ready-made mirrors: We have an extensive mirror collection of various sizes, styles and shapes to ensure that you find the perfect design for your home. Our multiple styles ensure you can cater to your taste and requirements with either a floor, traditional, modern, metallic, wooden or other framed ready-made mirror. 
  • Custom design: If you want something a little bit different, our friendly staff can frame plain or bevelled mirrors to any size, shape or style to suit your home. Tell us the measurements and design you desire and our skilled framers will custom make a mirror to suit your requirements.
  • Installation: Our professional installers know how to best hang your mirror to the wall regardless of the surface. We use the right tools and systems to ensure your large mirror is secure.

Why Trust Jubilee Framers Regarding Large Framed Mirrors

We provide exceptional customer service, and our staff have more than 100 years of collective experience in the framing industry. Our extensive collection of mirrors and frames caters to our traditional- and modern-loving customers. We can frame almost any size and shape mirror so you can style your home the way you desire with a creative custom design. Visit our conveniently located store that is only a ten-minute drive from the CBD or contact our friendly staff today to discuss your requirements.