Custom-Made Mirrors

Let Us Create the Perfect Custom-Made Mirrors for Your Business

When you need unusual mirrors for your business’s bathrooms, changing rooms, and more, our custom-made mirrors are the ideal solution. We offer a broad selection of custom sizes and can even work with you to create unique mirrors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Custom-Made Mirrors

We design our custom-made mirrors to match your exact specifications so that you can use them in both conventional and creative ways:

  • Both your public and private bathrooms need mirrors so that your employees and visitors can freshen up after using the facilities. You can add another degree of elegance to your facility by incorporating large custom mirrors that complement your interior decor.
  • Even if your business doesn’t have a particular theme, we can create custom-framed mirrors that fit unusual spaces, such as changing rooms. Our team designs full-length mirrors that take up the minimum amount of space. 
  • Our custom designs even include frameless mirrors. If you want to make a great impression on your visitors, we can create a wall of mirrors that creates the illusion of a bigger space. This technique is an excellent way for restaurants to make a smaller dining area feel more comfortable and spacious.

Our team embraces the challenge of designing custom-framed mirrors. We’d love to hear about your unique needs and create the perfect designs to complete your space.

What You Can Expect from Jubilee Framers Regarding Custom-Framed Mirrors

Custom mirrors are always a significant investment for businesses. Whether you’re installing a single replacement mirror or commissioning multiple mirrors for a business fit out, you should feel confident about using your supplier.

  • We’ve got more than 30 years’ experience creating exceptional mirrors for all kinds of businesses. Our team has the tools and know-how to fashion mirrors into unusual shapes such as curves and ovals. We always seek new opportunities to improve our production methods and ensure our staff are continually up to date with their training.
  • Jubilee Framers is a full-service organisation. We can help you with more than mirrors; let us assist you with digital printing and photo restoration, fine art prints, and photographer framing for all your decorative needs.
  • We’re not afraid of challenging tasks. Even if other framers have declined to help you with your unusual idea, we’ll step up to the task. No matter what you need, Jubilee Framers can help you.

Our friendly team is ready to assist you with your custom-made, framed mirrors.

Why Jubilee Framers Are Cost-Effective

We conduct all our work in-house, so we have a dedicated and experienced team of framers ready to tackle any size job. You can unlock volume discounts by purchasing multiple mirrors for your office fit out or redesign. Even if you need bulk quantities, our team can handle your order in a timely fashion. Contact us today to discuss your custom mirrors today.