Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing

Why Jubilee Framers is the Ideal Choice for All Your Conservation Framing Requirements

When framing your precious artwork or photographs, it's not just about choosing a frame that looks good on the wall. It's also about protecting the piece from the elements, preserving its quality, and ensuring it lasts for generations. That's where conservation framing comes in. And if you're looking for a professional and reliable service for your conservation framing requirements, look no further than Jubilee Framers.

What is Conservation Framing?

Conservation framing is a type of framing that uses materials and techniques that help to preserve and protect the artwork or photograph. This means using acid-free and lignin-free matting and backing boards, UV-protective glass, and proper mounting methods to prevent any damage from occurring to the piece. By doing so, the artwork or photograph can last for decades, if not centuries, without losing its quality or value.

Why Choose Jubilee Framers for Your Conservation Framing Needs?

Expertise and Experience

Jubilee Framers has been providing conservation framing services for over 30 years. Their team of expert framers has extensive knowledge and experience handling all types of artwork, from oil paintings to delicate watercolours, antique prints, to modern photographs. They understand the importance of using archival-quality materials and techniques to preserve your artwork or photograph for years.

High-Quality Materials

At Jubilee Framers, they only use the best materials for their conservation framing services. They use acid-free and lignin-free matting and backing boards, UV-protective glass, and museum-quality framing techniques to protect your artwork or photograph from any damage that could occur from environmental factors.

Customizable Options

Jubilee Framers offers a wide range of customizable options for their conservation framing services. They have a vast selection of frames, matting colours, and mounting techniques that you can choose from to create a unique and personalized look for your artwork or photograph. They can also work with you to find the best framing options that suit your needs and preferences.

Competitive Pricing

Despite providing high-quality materials and expert services, Jubilee Framers offers competitive pricing for their framing services. They understand that framing can be expensive, and they strive to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service

At Jubilee Framers, customer service is their top priority. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences and provide personalized attention and service. They also ensure their clients are satisfied with their work and offer a quality service guarantee.

Jubilee Framers are your Conservation Framing specialists

Conservation framing is essential to preserving and protecting your artwork or photograph. Jubilee Framers provides expert services and high-quality materials that ensure your piece lasts for years. With customizable options, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, Jubilee Framers is ideal for all your framing needs.