Commercial Mirrors

It’s Essential that Commercial Mirrors are Durable

Commercial mirrors come into contact with more people daily; hence its sturdiness is a critical feature. 

Problems Jubilee Framers Addresses

Mirrors form part of modern-day interior design as sophisticated elements. The purpose of mirrors has evolved beyond reflections. Depending on the framing or size, a mirror carries a specific décor property that uplifts any room.

  • Our vast range. We have a wide range of mirrors and styles from which to select. A browse through our catalogue may bring the perfect solution for your premises. A business such as a restaurant or a hotel must ensure there are several mirrors available and they’re durable. Whether you include a large mirror to make the room appear larger, sleek design to add a degree of charm or a functional mirror for the bathroom, we’ll solve that problem.
  • Customised mirrors. In the case that you’re not satisfied with any of the mirrors in our showroom, our team assists you by tailor-making a mirror suited to your requirements. Decide on the size and frame, and we will produce a plain or bevelled mirror to fulfil your desire. 
  • Delivery and hanging. We acknowledge that a mirror installation isn’t a simple task. Our team have extensive training to offer you advice on where to hang your mirror. They will deliver and determine the hardware and hanging systems required based on the placement. This process is hassle-free and removes stress from the situation.

We advise you to bring in photos of where you want to set up your mirror for our knowledgeable staff to guide you regarding the size, style and installation.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Commercial Framing

Commercial entities such as small businesses, large hotels and massive corporates require a degree of framing. There are licences, qualifications and certificates that need to be displayed for consumers to view.

  • Bulk and repeat orders. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every certificate or award that we framed is of the highest standard. Producing work in bulk saves time, and our team finish the job while maintaining superior quality. 
  • The complete package. Framing for the commercial industry is our strength as we offer a full service. This includes printing, framing and installation. Doing this saves your business time and the costs of printing documents to be framed.
  • Wholesale framing. This is a cost-effective measure for businesses such as restaurants, aged care facilities, hospitals and more. High volume framing requires trained professionals to plan, produce and install them. Our staff can deal with time frames and production volumes.

We thrive on providing these services to commercial entities, saving your business time and money.

Why Jubilee Framing is Cost-Effective

Hiring one company to handle the complete process of printing, framing and installing your certificates and awards, eliminates the stress of searching for independent suppliers for those services. We’ve been in existence since 1988 providing commercial mirrors and framing to clients all around Queensland. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional service with high-quality products. Our staff have a collective experience of over 100 years in picture framing and allied professions. Contact us to select a product or have one designed for you.