Art Restoration

Art Restoration Revives Old Paintings

Time is cruel to art, causing it to deteriorate and lose value, you can rectify this with professional art restoration. Preserve fantastic art pieces for future generations by taking care of it in the present.

Benefits of Artist Framing

Artists create inspiring work that must be appreciated by art lovers. Leaving these precious paintings lying around damages them and results in a loss to the art world. There are several advantages to securing your canvas with a frame.

  • Preservation for years to come. Absence of proper protection for a painting or a photo results in severe deterioration. Depending on where it’s stored, dust gathers over it as well as other elements such as spider webs and mould. Their colour intensity decreases in quick time. Framing these pieces maintains the quality of the art for a long time. Furthermore, it protects the contents from fingerprints and dirt. 
  • The frame becomes part of the artwork. There are a variety of frames available that can complement your art. You can pair a colour-filled art piece with a simple, one-colour, elegant frame which works together. Additionally, there are tailor-made frames to suit all kinds of sizes and styles. 
  • Select materials from a variety. The content of the frame is essential. Options such as wood, metal and plastic are standard with glossy, metallic and matte finishes providing a variation for your artwork. As an artist, take advantage of the range on offer and add sophistication to your work. 

Ultimately, preserving art is of the utmost importance. Artists put in the time and effort to create a piece worthy of being called art; it’s a wise decision to ensure it’s protected. 

Related Services We Provide to Artist Framing

We wish to assist artists who want their work to be appreciated for decades to come. There are several other services that you may require:

  • Art scanning. Our high-resolution scanners maintain an accurate colour balance and image quality. Regardless of the age of the photo or painting, we can create a high-quality digital file without compromising on any aspect of the image. 
  • Fine art prints. We realise that many pieces of art are out of your price range or perhaps difficult to obtain. We stock a range of prints from local artists and well-known works from around the world. You could hang a Jan Jorgensen print in your home or office with our fine art printing service.
  • Giclée printing is the process of developing fine art printed artwork or photographs with a high-quality inkjet printer on textured artist-quality paper. This paper is highly durable and maintains the colours and tones of the original painting. The paper and ink are colour guaranteed for over 80 years.

Why Trust Jubilee Framing Regarding Artist Framing

We have been restoring, framing and re-printing art for 32 years. Our team are trained and qualified to accommodate any request relating to our industry. We aim to preserve beautiful artwork, whether it’s from local or international artists. The standard we’ve set for ourselves are high, and we strive to deliver only the best for every client. 

Contact us to restore a precious art piece or a treasured old photo. With our equipment and knowledge, you’re able to store your favourite works for years to come.