Showcasing Mastery: The Art of Framing Judy Watson's Creations

Elevating Artwork with Expert Framing Techniques

Here at Jubilee Framers, we are passionate about presenting and preserving artwork in its most flattering form. Recently, we had the distinct honor of framing works by the remarkable artist, Judy Watson. Our skilled artisans employed advanced archival mounting methods to ensure each piece is displayed to its full potential while being safeguarded for future appreciation.


Uniting Tradition with Technology: Artglass AR99

In framing Judy Watson's pieces, we combined traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The use of museum-grade Artglass AR99 guarantees not only robust UV protection to keep the colors vibrant but also provides an anti-reflective surface for clear and undisturbed viewing. This glass is the pinnacle of preservation technology, offering a veil that's virtually invisible between the artwork and its audience.


The Artistic Journey of Judy Watson

The intricate works of Judy Watson, steeped in cultural heritage and personal identity, deserve nothing less than the utmost care and presentation. Our framing not only protects these valuable pieces but also enhances the connection between the art and its beholder. The clarity and unobtrusive protection allow the viewer to engage with the art on a deeper level, unimpeded by glare or distortion.


Visit Jubilee Framers: Where Every Detail Matters

We invite art enthusiasts and patrons to visit Jubilee Framers to witness firsthand how the right frame can elevate a piece of art. Judy Watson's framed artworks are a testament to our dedication to excellence in art preservation and presentation.


Immerse yourself in the world of Judy Watson and learn more about her profound expressions of art. Then, allow us to showcase how the perfect frame can honor and preserve the narrative within each piece.


At Jubilee Framers, we don't just frame art—we celebrate it in every detail.