How to Make a Floating Frame for Canvas Art

How to Make a Floating Frame for Canvas Art

How to Make a Floating Frame for Canvas Art

If you want to display your canvas art uniquely and professionally, consider making a floating frame. A floating frame is a minimalist frame that creates the illusion that your canvas is floating within it. It's a great way to enhance the visual impact of your artwork and create a clean, modern look. This article will review the steps involved in making a floating frame for canvas art.

Materials you'll need:

  • Wood (enough to create the frame)
  • Table saw, or mitre saw
  • Router
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint
  • Clear polyurethane or varnish
  • Hanging hardware

Step 1: Measure and cut your wood is the first step when learning how to make a floating frame for a canvas painting

Measure your canvas to determine the size of your frame. Cut your wood to the appropriate length using a table saw or mitre saw. You'll need four pieces of wood to make the frame – two longer pieces for the top and bottom and two shorter pieces for the sides.

Step 2: Create a groove for the canvas

Using a router, create a groove along the inside edge of each piece of wood deep enough to hold your canvas, the tool you'll need is a wood router. Be sure to measure your canvas carefully and make the groove slightly wider than the canvas.

Step 3: Assemble the frame

Apply wood glue to the ends of the shorter pieces and attach them to the longer pieces to form a rectangular frame. Clamp the pieces together and allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 4: Sand and stain or paint the frame

Sand the frame until it's smooth and free of any rough edges. Apply your desired stain or paint, then finish with a clear polyurethane or varnish to protect the wood.

Step 5: Attach the canvas to the frame

Place your canvas into the groove in the frame. The canvas should fit snugly but not be too tight. You may need to adjust the groove using a chisel or sandpaper to ensure a proper fit.

Step 6: Attach hanging hardware

Attach hanging hardware to the back of the frame. You can use a sawtooth hanger or D-rings. Measure the distance between the hardware to ensure the frame hangs level.

Conclusion on How to Make a Floating Frame for Canvas Art

Making a floating frame for canvas art is a great way to display your artwork uniquely and modernly. With a few essential tools and some wood, you can create a custom frame that will enhance the visual impact of your artwork. Follow the steps above to create your floating frame and enjoy the beautiful results.