How to frame watercolour art

how to frame watercolour art

How to Frame Watercolour Art: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to frame watercolour art? Watercolour art is a delicate medium that requires proper framing to protect and enhance its beauty. Framing a watercolour painting is an art in itself. It requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the type of paper, the style of the painting, and the frame's colour and material. In this article, we'll guide you through framing watercolour art with a step-by-step approach.

Step 1: Choose the right mat board when learning how to frame a watercolor painting

A mat board is a thick cardboard that separates the painting from the frame and provides a visual buffer. Choosing the right mat board can enhance the painting's colour and make it stand out. A neutral colour mat board such as white or cream is ideal for most watercolour paintings as it brings out the subtle nuances of their hues. However, you can experiment with coloured mat boards to create a contrast that complements the painting's theme.

Step 2: Measure the painting and cut the mat board

Measure the painting's dimensions and add a few inches to the width and height to accommodate the mat board's borders. Cut the mat board to the required size using a mat cutter or a sharp knife. Remember to make sure the edges are clean and straight.

Step 3: Attach the painting to the mat board

Use acid-free tape or adhesive to attach the painting to the mat board. Avoid using glue, as it may damage the artwork in the long run. Position the painting in the centre of the mat board, leaving equal margins on all sides.

Step 4: Choose the frame

Choosing the right frame can enhance the painting's beauty and protect it from damage. A wooden frame is a classic choice for watercolour paintings as it provides a warm and natural feel. However, you can experiment with different materials like metal or acrylic to create a contemporary look. Consider the painting's style and theme while choosing the frame.

Step 5: Assemble the frame

Assemble the frame by placing the glass or acrylic on top of the mat board with the painting attached. Secure the back of the frame using a backing board or a hanger. Make sure the frame is sturdy and does not wobble.

Step 6: Clean and polish the frame

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the frame and remove dust or smudges. Polish the frame with a wood polish or acrylic cleaner to give it a lustrous finish.

Conclusion on how to frame a watercolor painting

Framing watercolour art is a crucial step in preserving its beauty and longevity. With the right mat board, frame, and tools, you can create a stunning display that enhances the painting's colours and themes. Follow these step-by-step instructions to frame your watercolour art and showcase it in all its glory.