How to frame Aboriginal art

how to frame aboriginal art

Introduction on how to frame Aboriginal Paintings

How to frame aboriginal art? Aboriginal art is a unique form of artistic expression passed down through generations of Indigenous Australians. It encompasses a range of styles and techniques that reflect the diverse cultural traditions of Indigenous communities across Australia. Framing Aboriginal art is essential to preserving and presenting this art form for generations to come. This article will explore the best practices for framing Aboriginal art.

Selecting the Right Frame 

When framing Aboriginal art, selecting the right frame is critical. The frame should complement the artwork and not overpower it. Additionally, the frame should be of good quality to ensure the longevity of the artwork. Wooden frames are popular for Aboriginal art, but metal frames can also work well, depending on the artwork's style.

Matting and Mounting 

Matting and mounting are crucial components of framing Aboriginal art. They provide a buffer between the artwork and the frame, which helps prevent damage caused by humidity, dust, and other environmental factors. When selecting a mat, it is essential to choose acid-free material to avoid discolouration of the artwork over time. Mounting boards should also be acid-free and cut to size to ensure the artwork is securely placed.


The glazing used in framing Aboriginal art should protect the artwork from UV rays, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage the artwork. UV-resistant acrylic glazing is a popular choice as it is lightweight and shatter-resistant. Additionally, it provides up to 99% UV protection, making it an ideal choice for protecting Aboriginal art.

Hanging and Display 

When hanging and displaying Aboriginal art, it is crucial to consider the artwork's size and weight. It is also essential to use the appropriate hanging hardware, such as D-rings, wire, or sawtooth hangers, to ensure the artwork is securely hung. Additionally, it is essential to avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight or areas with high humidity or temperature fluctuations, as this can damage the artwork over time.

In summary on how to frame aboriginal art

Framing Aboriginal art is critical to preserving and presenting this unique and culturally significant art form. When framing Aboriginal art, selecting the right frame, matting, and mounting materials is essential, such as using UV-resistant glazing and hanging the artwork appropriately. By following these best practices, we can ensure that Aboriginal art is preserved and enjoyed for generations.