How much does it cost to frame art

how much does it cost to frame art


Framing art is an essential part of preserving and presenting it. It not only enhances the visual appeal of the artwork but also protects it from damage. However, many people are often deterred from framing their artwork due to the perceived cost of the process. This article will explore how much it costs to frame art and the factors that influence the pricing.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Framing Art

Several factors can influence the cost of framing art. These include:

  1. Size of the Artwork: The larger the artwork, the more material and labour are required to frame it, increasing the cost.
  2. Type of Frame: There are various types of frames available, including metal, wood, and plastic frames. The type of frame chosen will significantly impact the cost of the framing.
  3. Type of Glass: There are several types of glass available, including standard, UV-filtered, and non-reflective glass. The type of glass chosen will affect the cost of the framing.
  4. Matting: Matting is an essential part of framing art. It provides a border between the artwork and the frame and enhances its appearance. The cost of matting will depend on the mat's size, colour, and quality.
  5. The complexity of the Design: If the artwork requires a complex design, it will increase the labour and material costs, resulting in a higher framing cost.

Average Cost of Framing Art

The cost of framing art can vary significantly depending on the abovementioned factors. However, on average, framing a standard-sized artwork (around 18x24 inches) with a basic metal or wood frame, standard glass, and matting will range between $50 to $150. If you opt for a larger size or a more complex design, the cost can go up to $500 or more.

Ways to Save Money on Framing Art 

While framing art can be expensive, there are ways to save money without compromising the quality of the framing. Some of these include:


  1. Opting for a Standard Frame: Choosing a standard frame over a customised frame can save you significant money.
  2. Choosing a Simple Design: Keeping the design simple can reduce the cost of the framing.
  3. Using a Lower-Quality Glass: While higher-quality glass provides better protection, using a lower-quality glass can save you money.
  4. Looking for Discounts: Many framing shops offer discounts or promotions. It's worth looking out for these to save money.


Recapping on how much does it cost to frame art. Framing art is an investment in preserving and showcasing your artwork. While it can be costly, understanding the factors that affect the cost can help you make informed decisions when choosing a framing option. By considering ways to save money and exploring various framing options, you can find the perfect framing solution that fits your budget and enhances your artwork.