How do you frame canvas art

How do you frame canvas art

How to Frame Canvas Art: A Guide to Achieving a Professional Finish

How do you frame canvas art? Canvas art can add a touch of elegance and personality to any room. However, even the most exquisite canvas art piece may lose its charm without proper framing. Framing canvas art enhances its aesthetic appeal and protects it from damage caused by dust, humidity, and light. This article will guide you through framing canvas art and explain why Jubilee Framers is an ideal choice for this service.

How do you frame stretched canvas art, start by Selecting a Frame

The first step in framing canvas art is choosing the right frame. A frame should complement the artwork without overwhelming it. It should also fit the size of the canvas. A professional framer will guide you in selecting the most appropriate frame based on your preferences and the artwork's characteristics.


Matting is placing a thin cardboard or paperboard between the artwork and the frame. It provides a cushioning effect and prevents the artwork from touching the glass, which can cause condensation and subsequent damage to the art. Matting also creates a visual buffer between the artwork and the frame, enhancing the artwork's overall appearance.

Glass or No Glass?

Whether to use glass or not depends on personal preferences and the artwork's characteristics. If the canvas is oil-based, it should not be placed behind glass, as the trapped moisture can cause the paint to crack or turn yellow. If the artwork is watercolour or pastel, glass is recommended to protect the fragile medium. Jubilee Framers offers a range of glass options, including UV-filtered glass, which protects artwork from harmful UV light.

Stretching and Mounting

Stretching and mounting are tightening the canvas and fixing it onto a wooden frame. The wooden frame is then secured to the back of the frame with screws or pins. This process ensures the artwork is taut and does not sag or ripple, giving it a professional finish.

Why Choose Jubilee Framers?

Jubilee Framers is an established company with over 30 years of experience in framing art. Their team of professional framers has extensive knowledge in framing canvas art and uses only the highest quality materials to ensure that your artwork is preserved for future generations. They offer a bespoke service tailored to your preferences, ensuring you are delighted with the final product.

In retrospect on how do you frame canvas art

How do you frame stretched canvas art? Framing canvas art is a delicate process that requires professional expertise. A well-framed artwork enhances its beauty and ensures its longevity. Jubilee Framers offers a comprehensive range of framing services, from selecting the appropriate frame to stretching and mounting the canvas. By choosing Jubilee Framers, you can rest assured that your artwork is in safe hands and will be framed to the highest standard.