Discover the New Creative Horizon at Jubilee Framers

New Showroom Feature Wall


We at Jubilee Framers are overjoyed to announce a refreshing transformation of our showroom! It's more than just a space—it's a declaration of our extensive range of products and the exemplary services we have honed for our discerning clientele.


A Symphony of Styles and Services


Our newly enhanced display area stands as a beacon of Jubilee Framers' diverse offerings. With meticulous attention to detail, we have curated a space that exhibits not only our framing prowess but also the multitude of ways art can be celebrated and preserved. We understand that each artwork or photograph carries a story, a slice of life that deserves the perfect frame—both metaphorically and literally.


Igniting Imagination


The cornerstone of our showroom is inspiration. We believe in lighting the creative spark in every visitor, igniting the imagination, and guiding you through innovative methods to enshrine your precious works. Whether it's a modern piece that calls for a sleek metallic frame or a pastoral scene that yearns for a rustic wood finish, our showroom is a playground for creativity.

New Showroom Feature Wall 02


A Personal Invitation


This is not just an invitation to view our latest collection—it's a call to explore new possibilities for your beloved art pieces. We're here to provide expert advice and collaborate with you to create custom solutions that resonate with your artistic vision.

New Showroom Feature Wall 03


Join Us on This Artistic Journey


We welcome art enthusiasts, professional artists, and photographers to visit us, engage with the space, and discover how Jubilee Framers can elevate your artwork. Take the opportunity to witness firsthand how the right frame can transform a simple picture into a masterpiece.


Embrace the opportunity to accentuate your art in ways you never imagined. Visit Jubilee Framers today, and let us guide you through a world where your art takes centre stage.

See you at the showroom!