Crafting Legacies: The Art of Memorial Framing

At Jubilee Framers, we believe that every medal, every photograph, every document has a story worth preserving. Our latest project, a war memorial frame, is a heartfelt tribute to a veteran's service and a tangible connection to history.


A Canvas of Courage

The Medals of Honor

Within the deep blue borders of our custom frame lies a collection of distinguished war medals, each a mark of valor from World War II. The 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, and the Australian Service Medal 1939-45 – these aren’t just decorations; they are emblems of bravery, of stories that must not be forgotten.


A Portrait of Valor

Central to this piece is a retouched photograph that seems to look back at you, eyes full of the resolve and dignity that defined a generation. This image is more than just a picture; it is a window into the soul of the person who once wore the medals that sit below it.


Messages That Transcend Time

Words from the Past

Flanking the photograph are personalized messages from the Secretary of State for Air, accolades that speak of a grateful nation and a duty nobly fulfilled. These messages, set in elegant script, are not just words on paper but echoes of a past that reached its crescendo in the defense of freedom.


The Craft of Preservation

Framing History

Creating this memorial was a journey of meticulous care. From the selection of the frame to the placement of each medal, every step was a delicate balance between aesthetics and preservation. Our goal was not only to display these items but to protect them, to halt time so that future generations may gaze upon them and remember.


A Collaboration of Respect

This project was a collaboration, not just among our team of expert framers but with history itself. It was a dialogue between the present and the past, an endeavor of preserving the legacy of those who gave so much.


Conclusion: An Invitation to Remember

We invite you to visit Jubilee Framers, not just to view this poignant piece of history, but to start a conversation about your own stories. Whether you wish to honor a loved one's military service, commemorate a significant achievement, or preserve a piece of your family's history, we are here to craft a legacy that endures.


Preserve your history with Jubilee Framers, where every frame is a portal to the past.