Can you frame canvas art

can you frame canvas art

Creating Your Masterpiece: How to Frame Canvas Art with Jubilee Framers

Can you frame canvas art? When framing canvas art, consider a few things before making your final decision. The frame you choose can either enhance or detract from the artwork itself, so taking your time and choosing wisely is essential. In this article, we'll guide you through framing your canvas art in a way that will showcase it to its fullest potential with the help of Jubilee Framers.

Can you frame canvas art? Choose the Right Frame Style

Do you frame canvas art? The first step in framing canvas art is to select the right frame style. The frame should complement the artwork and enhance its overall appearance. Jubilee Framers offers various frame styles, including traditional, modern, rustic, and ornate. Their team of experienced framers can help you choose a frame that suits the style of your home or the room where the artwork will be displayed, as well as the style of the artwork itself. A classic gold or black frame works well with a traditional or formal piece, while a more contemporary piece may benefit from a sleek, modern frame.

Measure Your Artwork

Before you purchase a frame, you need to measure your artwork. This will ensure that you get the right size frame for your canvas. Jubilee Framers can assist you in measuring the width and height of your artwork, and they'll add an extra inch or two to each measurement to ensure a good fit. Remember that the frame should be slightly larger than the canvas so the artwork doesn't touch the glass.

Select the Right Matting

Matting is a critical element of framing canvas art, adding depth and dimension to the piece. Matting also protects the artwork from touching the glass, which can cause damage over time. When selecting matting, Jubilee Framers can help you consider the colour and texture of the artwork. A white or off-white matting works well with most pieces, while coloured or textured matting can add interest and depth to the artwork.

Choose the Right Glass

Regarding glass for your frame, Jubilee Framers offers several options. Regular glass is the most affordable option, but it can easily break and may not provide adequate UV protection. UV-protective glass is more expensive, but it will protect your artwork from fading and damage over time. Anti-reflective glass is another option, which reduces glare and makes it easier to see the artwork. The team at Jubilee Framers can help you select the best option for your artwork.

Frame Your Artwork

Once you've selected your frame, matting, and glass, it's time to frame your artwork. Jubilee Framers can expertly frame your artwork, ensuring it's securely in place and looks its best. Their team will lay the artwork face-down on a clean, flat surface and carefully place the matting on top. They'll then place the glass on top of the matting and the frame on top of the glass. They'll secure the artwork with the backing board and hardware that came with the frame.

In summary on do you frame canvas art

In conclusion, framing canvas art is essential in showcasing your artwork to its fullest potential. With the help of Jubilee Framers, you can choose the right frame style, measure your artwork, select the proper matting and glass, and properly frame your piece, creating a stunning display that will enhance any room in your home.